Kingston University Salutem Scholarship 2022–2023

This is to inform you that the Kingston University, UK, 2022–2023 KUH Salutem Scholarship application period is now open.Summary of Contents
Significant Points
Description in brief Application deadline
Qualifying Courses
eligible nations
Benefit Degree Type Number of Awards Eligibility Criteria Scholarship Award
Application Method
What are the University of Prince Edward Island’s International Entrance Awards?
What are some suggestions to improve my chances of being chosen?
Is this scholarship available to both domestic and international candidates?
Significant Points
The following are the important details of the Kingston University Honors Salutem Scholarship for the academic years 2022–2023:

Partially funded
At Kingston University, they offer all social work and global human resource management courses to international students.
Every undergraduate candidate is qualifiedA succinct description
A merit-based award for international and UK students enrolling in an undergraduate social work or global human resource management degree is the Kingston University Healthcare Scholarship. The scholarship, which may be renewed for every successive year of study with high grades, can pay up to £25,000 in tuition. You are eligible for the grant if you are an international or UK student enrolled at Kingston University in an authorized undergraduate program. – Have excelled in your previous courses, earning top grades. – Exhibit a financial need.A student majoring in social work or nursing for people with learning disabilities is eligible for a scholarship from Salutem. The grantee will receive the opportunity to gain firsthand experience in these sectors, increasing their education and learning new skills. The scholarship covers the whole cost of undergraduate tuition as well as a three-year maintenance grant. The prize winner should be enthusiastic in working with or caring for people with learning disabilities.Application Closing Date
The submission deadline is still open.

Qualifying Courses
The Kingston University, UK, 2022–2023 KUH Salutem Scholarship is a program designed to honor outstanding international students and is only offered for the following course:

Social Service
Human Resource Management International
eligible nations
The following nationalities are eligible for enrollment:

all nations
Benefit of Scholarship Award
The university will offer all of the following:

The scholarship, which can be renewed for every additional year of study with good grades, can pay up to £25,000 in tuition.Level Type
The 2022–2023 Kingston University, UK, KUH Salutem Scholarship is intended for undergraduate applicants.

Amount of Awards

not defined

eligibility requirements

To be eligible for the Kingston University, UK, 2022–2023 KUH Salutem Scholarship, all applicants must fulfill the requirements listed below:You’re the first person in your family to pursue higher education (i.e., your parents have not been to university; but if a brother or sister has, you are still eligible)
You will be at least 21 years old on September 1, the first day of your course, and you are a mature student without a bachelor’s degree.
The yearly household income for your family is less than £25,000.
You believe that you are hindered or that you have a specific learning problem.
You have lived in the UK, were institutionalized, are younger than 25, and are estranged from your family.
Social services view you as a young adult caregiver.
Your BTEC is your primary educational credential for higher education.Application Method
The sole remaining method for applying legitimately is as follows:

Please fill out the forms below in order to submit an online application for the Global Human Resource Management Scholarship or the Learning Disabilities Nursing and Social Work Scholarship.
To start your application, please click Kingston University, UK 2022–2023 KUH Salutem Scholarship.

Questions and Answers

These frequently asked questions might assist you in your search for scholarships:

What are the University of Prince Edward Island’s International Entrance Awards?
Only exceptionally talented applicants for the scholarship at Kingston University are eligible for the undergraduate position.
What are some suggestions to improve my chances of being chosen?
Observe deadlines and provide all requested paperwork accurately.
Does this Scholarship Apply to Foreign Students?foreign candidates?
This is just for candidates from abroad.